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Custom Units


Segway PT's for Major Events!

Business Advertising - Corporate Events - Special Occasions - Promotional Campaigns - Outdoor events - Indoor Events - Literature, Coupon, and Sample Distribution - In Store promotions and shopping malls - Trade Show Booths - Meetings - Conferences - Parties - Groups - Crowds - Audiences - 


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Basic Rental Rates  -  New lower Prices!  (does not include shipping - call for shipping rates - )
i2 Personal Transporter  $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month 
x2 Personal Transporter $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month
x2 Golf Transporter $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month
NiHM i or p Series
$30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month
Li-ion i80 Series
$30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month
Li-ion XT Series Cross Terrain Transporter
$40/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $429/week $729/month


Event Pricing With Personnel and Insurance
 Includes Training Personnel, Segway PT's, Safety Equipment, Delivery, 3 hours of event time, and Delivery and Pick-up to Most Bay Area Locations, Liability Insurance


$399  2 units, 1 personnel (up to 25 people)

$785    6 units, 2 personnel (up to 75 people)

$1499   12 units, 4 personnel (up to 175 people)

$2399  20 units,  6 personnel, 4-5 hours event time  (up to 350 people)



Delivery Extra for some locations - Extra costs can apply for longer events and special circumstances - Some flexibility with Event time depending on location and number of people - Call for a quote and more information 888-8SEGWAY!




Segway for Advertising, Campaigning, or Door to Door sales - Nothing Gets Attention Like A Segway:

Use a Segway for Events and Advertising. We'll deliver and pick up units anywhere in the Bay Area for only $429 a unit week/event plus a $75 delivery fee. This includes a Segway and plastic blank for your graphic advertisements (or a handlebar bag), delivery and pick up anywhere in the Bay Area. Blank is 34 inches high, 15 inches wide at top and 13 inches wide at the bottom. It can accommodate small or large advertisement stickers.

The Segway  is the most efficient "exposure machine" ever invented! Use the Segway to attract attention at your event/business. Or turn it into a machine for campaigning or door to door sales. You can see twice the people on a Segway and you can shake twice as many hands. Nothing gets noticed like a Segway. Efficiently distribute advertising materials and flyers in your Neighborhood or city. The Segway PT covers ground like nothing else, and it attracts attention like nothing else!

Training, Delivery, Pick-Up, Advertising Sign Blank or Bag, Lock.  Everything you need!


Segway for Special Occasions, Events, and Parties:

Have some Segway PTs (and some help) on hand for your next special occasion. We'll deliver and give lessons for large or small occasions.

Segway PTs add something truly special to any occasion. For a safe function where you want many guests to have the opportunity to experience the Segway PT safely, have us offer Segway Demo Lessons and Rides to your guests at your next event! Call  for a quote for your event.

A Segway PT at your events means a fun-filled activity. Your guests will never forget your party or occasion, and they'll talk about it because of the Segway PT. The PT is fun, and your guests can learn to ride in just a matter of minutes. Everyone will have a blast taking a turn at the Segway PT!

We emphasize safety at events, and we give everyone hands-on instruction. Our personnel are experienced at allowing as many people as possible to have an opportunity to ride, while still maintaining the absolute highest level of safety for everyone.




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