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Custom Units


Segway Lessons For All!


This is your chance to learn to ride a Segway Personal Transporter and 'glide' around Lake Merritt or through beautiful Jack London Square. Hands-On Instruction and a two hour glide, only $75 per person (under 18 requires signature of parent or guardian). We can teach you to ride a Segway PT, or your money Back!

This is a fun 2 hour guided tour that includes plenty of riding time. You get to see some nice sceneries and hang out with a group of excited Segway riders! We're the only rental agency that has every model of Segway!

We start with a video that explains in detail all of the basic operational aspects of the Segway PT. Then we practice basic movements indoors. We eventually move to a parking lot, and then finally to a bike path. If you've been a little hesitant or nervous about trying the Segway PT, this is the way to go. We take as much time as you need to get up and going.

You'll learn the basic aspects of Segway PT vehicle operation and how the amazing Segway works. You'll go from the black key (slowest) to the red key (fastest) by the end of your lesson. Try the Segway over varying surfaces and terrain. Then go off by yourself! This is a safe, thorough and convenient way to learn Segway vehicle operation and it's Tons of Fun!

Visit Segway of Oakland today! We're located at 212 International Blvd. Oakland, CA, rear warehouse off Second Avenue - Three blocks from Lake Merritt at the corner of International Blvd. and Second Avenue in Oakland. (East 14th changes into International Blvd at the lake very near our shop, so it may appear as the corner of E 14th and 2nd Ave. on some maps.)

Located in the warehouse behind Ao Sen Restaurant. Enter off 2nd Avenue. Open every day from 9:30 am to 7:30pm (4:30 pm or earlier for lessons). Reservations recommended, but not required. 510-832-2429.

A great way to learn is to participate in a tour. Most of the Oakland lessons are given in a tour format, except that we adjust to give participants time to ride on their own, and we don't have a tour format where we include historical information about the surrounding areas. For more information about our current Segway Tours click here




Rent Schedule


i2 Personal Transporter  $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month


x2 Personal Transporter $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month 


x2 Golf Transporter (call for availability) $40/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month


NiHM i or p Series $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month

Li-ion i80 Series $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month

Li-ion XT Series Cross Terrain Transporter $30/hr  $99/day  $199/3 days  $329/week $729/month



Includes Training Personnel, Delivery, 3 hours of event time, and Pick-up to Most Bay Area Locations, Fully Insured

$399  2 units, 1 personnel (up to 25 people)

$785    6 units, 2 personnel (up to 75 people)

$1499   12 units, 4 personnel (up to 175 people)

$2399  20 units,  6 personnel, 4-5 hours event time  (up to 350 people)


plus delivery outside of immediate Bay Area Delivery Zone

Event Pricing With Personnel and Insurance


Call for a quote!



APPLY UP TO 60% OF YOUR CUMULATIVE RENTAL FEES TOWARD PURCHASE OF A NEW UNIT ($1000 maximum credit per unit. Does not apply to lease).


Looking to rent for your next corporate event or party? Click here



Q. Do You Deliver?

A. Yes. We can offer competitive delivery and pick-up pricing for many situations. Call us at 510-832-2429 for a quote.


Q. Is there a deposit required for rental?

A. No deposit required for renting, riding, and training in most situations. You must provide both a driver's license number and credit card number. You also must pay for most reservations in advance.


Q. Do I have to wear a helmet?

A. It is our policy to require renters to wear helmets. One will be provided to you free of charge.


Q. Is there a minimum age to rent?

A. Due to insurance requirements, the minimum age is 14.


Q. Where can I ride the Segway PT?

A. Lake Merritt pathway or Jack London Square. Rentals are flexible. Take it on location, or on vacation. We also design packages for business events. We ship under certain circumstances (case by case analysis required) and we provide very low shipping rates.


Q. How far will the Segway PT travel?

A. The Segway PT can travel up to 12 miles with NiHM batteries and 24 miles with Li-ion batteries on a single charge depending on riding conditions.

For more information or to make a rental reservation, call 510-832-2429 or 800-659-8731.



Adaptive Training Also Available

The Segway is not a wheel chair, and it is not specifically designed for use by those with disabilities. It is also a consumer product designed for everyone. This is not a medical product designed for specific medical needs or specific impairments. Yet, the Segway  can and does provide obvious mobility enhancement. Some people with physical impairments may be able to successfully ride a Segway PT.

Basic training techniques modeled after adaptive training methods used at ski schools.

Inquiries from Health Professionals Welcome.

Only $289 per session for On-Site Training with delivery and pick-up included (Bay Area only includes Segway and Riding Trainer).

Note that many people with physical impairments may be able to complete standard training or a tour on location at our facility in Oakland or at one of the authorized Segway Tours such as our tour at Angel Island State Park. A standard 2-3 hour lesson or tour is $65 .If more in depth training training is required, participants can later alternatively opt for individual one-on-one sessions by calling us at 888-8SEGWAY.





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